Delightful Changes! The Benefits and Practical Value Seen After the USCPA Exam


I’ve completed the four sections of the USCPA exam, and I’ve noticed quite a few changes in my daily life compared to before I started studying for the qualification.

There are moments when I suddenly realize the benefits.

Isn’t this the result of studying for the USCPA?
I’m able to enjoy the benefits even in unexpected areas!

Today, I’d like to explore the benefits I’ve gained from studying for the USCPA exam from both a knowledge and lifestyle perspective.


Positive Effects on Knowledge

Understanding Economic News

“Yen strengthens suddenly from the threat of depreciation.”

“Investors disappointed by significant reduction in share buybacks.”

“High expectations for the evaluation of intangible assets.”

Before studying for the USCPA, I would have struggled to understand such news. Now, I can comprehend economic terms and grasp the content of news articles more easily. Even complex topics become understandable with a bit of research, which makes me realize how much my knowledge has expanded.

Enhanced Financial Literacy

I’ve gained a deeper understanding of financial concepts and decision-making regarding money. The USCPA covers concepts like “present value” and “future value,” along with the associated calculations.

The awareness that “¥100 now” and “¥100 in a year” are different has significantly increased. With the lowering of the age of adulthood in Japan, even 18-year-olds can get credit cards or loans, and financial education is now introduced in high school classes. However, before that, self-study was the only option for learning about finance and economics, despite its importance.

Since completing the USCPA exam, I’ve found myself reflecting more on how I manage my finances and build assets. I realize I hadn’t really thought about these aspects before.

Ability to Interpret Financial Statements

Studying for the USCPA has enabled me to easily read and understand corporate financial statements. I’ve memorized journal entries and learned what information is included in each financial statement. I can now read financial statements of both Japanese and foreign companies.

After completing the USCPA exam, the knowledge acquired tends to fade without continuous study. To prevent this, I recommend reading financial statements whenever you feel like it. It’s good mental exercise, helps retain memory, and serves as valuable training.

Reduced Resistance to English

I used to completely ignore occasional English emails before (laughs).

However, studying for the USCPA exposed me to vast amounts of English materials daily, gradually reducing my resistance to the language. In fact, I’ve become so accustomed to English that I now find myself reading English content out of interest.

While the ability to read and write English or engage in English conversation may vary, the reduced resistance to English has allowed me to rely on various sources of information, which I consider lucky.

Positive Effects on Lifestyle

Habitual Time Management

Finding time to study for the USCPA qualification is a challenge that everyone faces at some point. The time management skills I honed to allocate study time amidst a busy work schedule and when my child wouldn’t sleep continue to serve me well.

Of course, the intensity of this skill may change compared to before the exam, but the habit of balancing study, work, and personal time forms, allowing for efficient use of time.

To carve out study time for myself, I often had babysitters look after my child, so I no longer resist “relying on others.” I see this as one of the methods of managing time.

Connection with a Third Place, Fellow Comrades

During USCPA studies, you can connect with peers striving towards the same goal through social media platforms like Twitter (#USCPA). I used to search for tweets about USCPA every day. Exchanging information, advising each other, and celebrating with fellow candidates online serves as encouragement during the long and tough study journey. Some even organize offline meetups after studying together at preparatory schools.

The existence of connected peers during study had a significant impact. It’s like a new third place outside work and home.

There’s also the USCPA community where you can seek advice on career and job hunting after qualification.

Cultivation of Autonomous Learning Motivation

I’ve never been desperate to study anything since becoming an adult until USCPA. It was also my first time studying something long, tough, and lonely.

However, once accustomed to the environment, a strange thing happens, and the motivation to study naturally emerges. After finishing the USCPA exam, I find myself wanting to learn more about various topics.

The key to “autonomous learning” seems to have been acquired, making me curious about things I don’t know. Einstein’s words fit perfectly:

“The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. The more I realize I don’t know, the more I want to learn.”

Albert Einstein

In Summary

The USCPA is not a qualification you can obtain quickly. It requires months or even a year of study to acquire knowledge. Studying for a long period not only leads to qualification acquisition but also enhances life skills and knowledge that enrich your future.

I feel it would be a waste to stop here! I’m constantly exploring how to apply the benefits and changes gained from the USCPA to my life.

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