What are the characteristics of international schools in India? Things I confirmed and prepared for Enrollment!!

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Today, I will write about the contents of my inquiries via email and phone regarding what is necessary for enrollment at Big School in Gurugram (combining kindergarten and elementary school), as I am considering sending my child there.

I have been in the stage of considering and investigating which school to attend by looking at the websites of various schools.


Confirmation Points and Contact Method

The points I confirmed are as follows:

  • Items required for enrollment
  • Target age
  • Location
  • Number of students and teachers
  • Ratio of Japanese students
  • Availability of meals
  • Availability of school buses
  • Facilities
  • Availability of Japanese language support desk
  • Availability of ESL (English as a second or foreign language) classes
  • Enrollment fees, tuition, etc.

I reached out to each school’s inquiry form on their website or the email address provided. (I translated my questions into English using a translation tool before contacting them.) Every school replied by the next business day, and in some cases, I received responses the same day.

Items Required for Enrollment

Items Required for Enrollment vary slightly depending on the school, but there were many common items. Since I wanted to visit several schools locally before making a final decision, I decided to prepare everything possible in Japan! Here’s what our family prepared:

  • Copy of Passport (or Birth Certificate)
    • In foreign countries, a Birth Certificate seems to be more common as there’s no equivalent to a family register. If you’re preparing a Birth Certificate, it’s necessary to bring a copy of the family register obtained within the last three months to the Japanese Embassy in India to apply.
  • Vaccination Records
    • Some schools said it’s okay to copy the current maternal and child health handbook as it’s also written in English.
  • Passport Photos (Including digital copies)
    • Some schools require photos for every family member, with four photos per person. It might be a good idea to bring extra passport or visa photos just in case…
  • Copy of FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Office) for proof of local address
  • Copy of Visa
  • Enrollment Application Documents (Basic information, handling of personal information and photographs, whether to use school bus or meals, registration of pick-up persons, etc.)
    • The submission method for applications varies depending on the school, whether through documents or registration on the website.
  • Previous School’s Certificate of Grades or Transfer Certificate
    • If there are no grades because your child attended a nursery or kindergarten, it was advised to prepare documents indicating the period of enrollment.
  • Application Fees and Admission Fees
    • Registration and admission fees are required at the time of enrollment, and of course, annual tuition fees, meal costs, school bus fees, etc., are also necessary. Regarding tuition fees, some schools offer special rates depending on conditions such as siblings attending the same school, so I recommend to inquire directly.

The features of each school at Big School in Gurgaon

What I researched was Big School located in Gurugram, which has both a kindergarten and elementary school. Each school had its own appealing points. I will list the points that left a particularly strong impression. (This information is as of April and May 2024. School situations are subject to constant change, so if you’re interested in any specific school, please verify the latest information yourself.)

UNICOSMOS International School

  • Japanese/Korean language support desk available.
  • Accepts students from 6 months old to Grade 12 (16 years old).
  • Certified by the International Baccalaureate (IB).
  • Due to a high proportion of Japanese students, Japanese language classes are available.
  • Offers ESL (English as a Second Language) classes.
  • Each class has approximately 10 students, with half being Japanese.

GD Goenka Global School

  • Japanese language support desk available.
  • Accepts students from Pre-Nursery to Grade 5. *The IB curriculum is available for ages 3 to 12.
  • Certified by the International Baccalaureate (IB).
  • While there are no Japanese language classes, this school has Japanese-speaking teachers available for consultations when needed.
  • Each class has approximately 20 students, with about 5 of them being Japanese.

Excelsior American School

  • No Japanese language support desk available.
  • Few Japanese students.
  • Accepts students from Pre-Nursery (2 years old) to Grade 12 (16 years old).
  • Different educational programs based on age and grade.
    • Pre-primary grades follow the Montessori education method.
    • From Grade 1 to Grade 12, the Cambridge (IGCSE) curriculum is followed.
    • Grades 11 and 12 are certified by the International Baccalaureate (IB).
  • Special programs available for children requiring special support due to developmental disorders, etc.
  • Classes have approximately 5 students for ages 2-3 and around 15 students for kindergarten and above.

Lancers international school

  • No Japanese language support desk available.
  • Few Japanese students.
  • Accepts students from Pre-Nursery (2 years old) to Grade 12 (16 years old).
  • Certified by the International Baccalaureate (IB).
  • Emphasis on education, including disclosure of post-graduation career paths.
  • Compared to other schools, there is a higher number of students from countries other than India (students come from 45 countries worldwide).
  • Established in 1975, making it a school with a significant history.
  • After applying for admission, there will be individual interviews with the principal (in-person or online).

Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon

  • No Japanese language support desk available.
  • Few Japanese students.
  • Accepts students from Pre-Nursery (2 years old) to Grade 12 (16 years old).
  • Adopts the educational policies of CBSE (The Central Board of Secondary Education). Also an IB candidate school.
  • Operated by a private Swedish company, with 80 schools worldwide, 36 of which are in Sweden. Schools are not only in India but also in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Today, I wrote about the research I conducted on schools in Gurugram while in Japan.

However, seeing is believing. Choosing the right school for our precious children is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions. That’s why I believe school visits are essential. After completing visits to schools in person, I may have different impressions and images.

Once I’ve done school visits, I’d like to report back on this blog.

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